Gabe Shinder
Personal Trainer
Sports Performance Coach


Bachelor of Science - Exercise Science
American Heart Association - First Aid/CPR/AED


Gabe found his love of fitness during highschool when he had a dramatic weight loss after finishing his final season of football. With a new found desire to help others achieve what he never thought was possible for himself, he changed career paths and set off to Iowa State University to get his degree in Exercise Science. Gabe interned at Higher Power Training in the summer of 2022 and was later hired as a personal trainer and strength coach in the spring of 2023. With his mind fixated on helping others achieve their goals, whether its weight loss, weight gains, rehabilitation, or enhanced performance, Gabe is locked in on the transformative process of helping others with their health and fitness, regardless of their goals.


Muscle and Strength gains
Sports Performance
Mobility Training
Fat Loss


Four Seasons Chiropractic Assistant 2019-2021
B.S. Exercise Science and Nutrition - Iowa State University, IA
Iowa State University Internship 2022
Higher Power Training Internship 2022
Started with Higher Power Training in 2023


Favorite upper body exercise: Bench Press
Least favorite upper body exercise: Pull Ups
Favorite lower body exercises: Barbell Back Squats
Lease favorite lower body exercise: Reverse Barbell Lunges
Favorite clean food: Chicken
Least favorite clean food: Tomato
Biggest Weakness: Potato Chips