How much protein should I eat?

Athletes going through our “Accelerated Performance Nutrition (APN)” coaching system and on our 4 day “strength and mass” protocol can gain up to 1 pound of lean body mass per week. Below are a few examples of client stats. The first client trained 4 days per week and did 15 weeks of “Accelerated Performance Nutrition”. He gained 15.4 pounds of lean mass and 16.75 scale weight. The next client gained 10.3 pounds of lean mass and 9.75 weight in 9 weeks. The third example athlete was actually on a cutting cycle, so we cut 19 pounds in 8 weeks and changed his body fat by 60% for a net loss of 7.88%. Having a high protein intake was critical to preserve lean mass.

How to quickly determine "protein needs" and assess your "protein intake"

You could be losing muscle. How to calculate if you’re getting enough protein (baseline protein) to stay in positive nitrogen balance. This applies if you are exercising 3 days per week, exercising strenuously, and WANT RESULTS!