hpt fitchurch


come workout, worship, and hear the word.

-FREE 60 Minute Class.

HPT's FitChurch's mission is to help the "churched" become physically fit while helping the "unchurched" become spiritually fit!  Fitchurch is approximately one hour: 40 minutes of group based exercise, and 20 minutes of worship and the "Word".  For those who do not wish to participate in the group exercise will have access to "HPT Open Gym".  Do cardio or lift weights on your own, and meet us back on the turf for church.  All fitness levels are welcome, and this event is currently free!  


HPT fitchurch Schedule

HPT FitChurch currently meets on Saturday or Sunday's every other week around 4pm.  

Current Class Schedule (updated 3/12/19)

March 2019 schedule

-4:30 Saturday March 2nd
-4pm Saturday  March 16th

April 2019 schedule

-4:00 Saturday April 6th
-4:00 Saturday April 20th

April 2019 schedule

-4:00 Saturday May 4th

Upcoming Dates

As we determine future dates, we will add them to this schedule.  Check back on this page for the schedule as the schedule is TBD.


Please RSVP to secure one of 30 group exercise spots.  If the class is full, RSVP's will be given priorities based on order of RSVP.  All others are welcome to "HPT Open Gym".  

Please RSVP 24 hours in advance via one of three ways:

-Call Higher Power Training (952) 942-6320
-go to HPT's facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/582414942252854/

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