Bobbi Mrkonick


  • Injury rehabilitation - Yes

  • Increase mobility and quickness - Yes

  • Increase strength - Yes

  • Learn healthy eating habits to promote energy and health- Yes


  • Personal Training with Coach Cori

  • 10 day Metabolic Detoxification Program

  • Phase 1 & 2 of Nutrition Coaching

  • ALCAT Food Sensitivity Testing

"I heard about HPT from my physical therapist, who was helping me recover from a knee injury. My goal was to recover, build strength, and improve overall conditioning. I have been training at HPT for one year on March 1. In that time, I have gained strength, lost weight, improved conditioning, and had the chance to meet and work with a great team of people. As I moved further and further into my program, the connection between my workouts and my nutrition became increasingly clear. I started out by improving my vitamin and supplement program, and working to modify my eating habits with an emphasis on protein and clean eating. That helped me get started in the summer, and in the fall, I made an even greater commitment and started working with Cori to monitor and change my eating habits. It all reached a culmination when I went through a ten-day detox and ALCAT food sensitivity testing this winter. All of these changes have left me feeling refreshed, more energetic, and more aware of the connection between my diet and my physical and emotional health. I can walk without pain, my tennis game is stronger, and I feel younger than my age (which will remain undisclosed). I truly enjoy and appreciate working with Cori. She is knowledgeable, patient but persistent, and incredibly positive and supportive, even though I am clearly never going to be an elite athlete. I look forward to each session. I have lost more than ten pounds, and even a greater percentage of my body fat has turned into muscle tissue. I am not done, though, and feel that I am definitely a work in progress, but on the right track."     - Bobbi MrKonick