Athlete Training

Why Sports Performance Train?

Training with your team has many benefits: camaraderie, competition, and earning brownie points with your coaches. However, it also has a few drawbacks:

  • Qualifications: Is your coach a degreed strength and conditioning coach, or is he your phys-ed teacher/ sport coach?

  • Programming: Is the entire team training the same program- a defensive back may be doing the same program as an offensive lineman (this happens even at the professional level). Even worse, are you a swimmer doing the same workout as the football players?

  • Coach to athlete ratio: Is the entire football team lifting with just a couple coaches in the room. This is a recipe for disaster; bad technique, screwing around is a certainty, and there is a good chance someone will get hurt. In the weight room, there should be at most a 1:8 ratio of coach to athlete.

Is Your Current Strength And Conditioning Program Designed For You Or For Your Sport Position?

Our staff has the education having degrees in exercise science and the experience training hundreds of athletes.

HPT will team up with you to get you faster, stronger, and leaner. Whether you see us 3 times a week or once a month, we will power your athletic performance to a higher level!


Why HPT?

HPT is a unique destination in the athletic performance world.   Our Sports Performance Coaches are educated, experienced, and enthusiastic.  Our athletes are serious about results.  We train everyone from the professional athlete to grade school athlete.  Our sports performance facility is designed for training providing the best equipment on the market.  We have over 15,000 square feet of space, making us very different from other athletic performance facilities.  Our programming is top notch and has been proven to deliver results.  If you are looking to train for your sport, learn proper nutrition, and ultimately become a better athlete- we are your destination. Learn More

Athletic Performance Services

Our team of experienced athletic performance coaches will help you accomplish your sport goals! Don’t think you have time, that’s exactly why you need us. A trainer will help you get fast, powerful, and lean.. Don’t think you can afford a trainer? Think again. We have options for any budget!

  • Build Your Armor: HPT's Strength and Power Training for athletes.

  • Faster: HPT's Speed, Agility, and Conditioning for athletes.

  • Accelerated Performance Nutrition: Get Strong, Lean, And Energized With Hpt's Sports Nutrition Program! At Hpt, We Know The Only Way You Can Truly Maximize Your Sports Performance Training Is When It's Integrated With The Right Eating Strategies. We Will Teach You The What, How, And When To Eat And How To Track Your Eating Patterns To Ensure Success! Learn More

  • One-on-one

  • Partner

  • Small Group (3 – 6 Participants)

  • Long Distance Coaching: We Can Create Programming For You To Do At Your School Or Home!

  • Athletic Performance Assessment (optional)- Identify Your Strengths And Weaknesses So We Can Get You Faster, Stronger, And Leaner. Learn More


Please Download The Forms, Print, Complete And Bring To Your Hpt Appointment. Minors Must Have All Forms Signed By A Parent Or Guardian In Order To Participate – No Exceptions.