HPT Bootcamps

HPT boot camp is a group based, total body workout that combines strength exercises (lower, upper and core) with metabolic movement utilizing various fitness equipment (your body, sleds, battling ropes, medicine balls, stability balls, kettle bells, etc.)  HPT has a variety of boot camps for different fitness and skill levels.


Boot camps are great for people who want variety or simply need an alternative to cardio. Boot camps are a complement to strength training, not a replacement, as the physiological response tends to be more towards building muscle endurance as opposed to building muscle. All of our boot camps are designed to maximize fat loss and cardio conditioning.

WARNING: If you have an injury or an orthopedic condition, please consult us before trying a class. If you have been released to exercise, but are still not 100%, your boot camp coach may be able to give you some alternate exercises.


Low on impact, not on results!

Burn (previously the Fit-N-40 class) is HPT's low intensity boot camp.  In BURN, the focus is on getting a high calorie, muscle sculpting, total body workout; void of the athletic skills involved in some of the other boot camp classes.  

Who Should Burn

BURN is great for beginners to intermediates or anyone seeking to get total body conditioning and fat burning thru low impact movement and endurance (no jumping or explosive training). Are you ready to BURN?


Toughen your mind, toughen your body!

Endure is HPT's high intensity boot camp.  In ENDURE, the focus is on getting a high calorie, muscle sculpting, total body workout utilizing athletic skills.  You will run, jump, push, pull and take your fitness to a higher level!

Who Should ENDURE?

ENDURE is great for all levels of fitness and skills.  This class if for anyone wishing to maximize their fat loss and total body conditioning.  You don't have to be an athlete but you will train like an athlete in this class!  Are you ready to ENDURE?

Ready To Try A Boot Camp?

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HPT will start a class for you and your friends or your company. We can do this at HPT or your workplace.Please contact us for details.


Please Download The Forms, Print, Complete And Bring To Your Hpt Appointment. Minors Must Have All Forms Signed By A Parent Or Guardian In Order To Participate – No Exceptions.